Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sad Desktop

Sad Desktop.

Sunday, July 31, 2005


i made bread yesterday. from scratch.

i could probably concoct an amusing anecdote about the process. but to tell you the truth, i really dont care to. its bread. mostly flour. i made french toast out of it this morning. ive started drinking coke zero. i sold my nova. i have used less than one tank of gas per month for the past two months: good for the environment, bad for the social life.

my picture of the failed ear grafted mouse seemed to be upsetting people. he has been replaced by a happy elf. hope youre happy.

i had a dream about my cat.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

keep things in perspective

you may remember a little while back, some guy grafted a people ear onto a mouse. something like this:

in my browsing of the internet i happened upon this little fellow. it made me wonder how many of these guys it took to finally get that pretty one that looked nice for the BBC and science magazines.

That was not a happy mouse.
This is a happy elf.

Post edited to appease Julia.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Let this be the beginning

let this be the beginning for postings to occur about weekly from now on. lucky you.

part the first-
Douglas Calhoun, you post on court's blog, you post on julia's blog. you ignore me. i could be real harsh right here, but i'll restrain myself. im just going to say, if you continue to slight me i may be hurt.
on a similar note, wyatt, get your ass reading this too. and comment when you see fit. you probably have no way of knowing to check this, but im holding you accountable no less.

part the dos.
i was watching PBS tonight and i saw something that i thought was rather cruel. maybe im just a bit hypersensitive for some reason, i dont know. there was a Nova documentary on life, intelligent life, and the possibility of extraterrestrial life. somehow the cuttlefish was presented as an example of intelligent life and using camoflauge as a means of survival. so this asshole marine bioligist goes and puts a checker board in the aquarium with a cuttlefish. he drops it in and i swear to god the cuttlefish gets confused. he flutters around looking at the board from different angles and you can see him thinking "how the fuck am i supposed to work with this?" It really upset me. active camoflauge is their primary means of defense in the wild. and here is this jerk going Woo Hoo, lookey there, cuttlethingy cant make a repeating pattern of small black and white squares. Meanwhile the only thing the cuttle fish is capable of thinking is "Fuck! If I Dont Look Exactly Like What I'm Standing Next To, I'm Food." the only people i hate more than those high school sophomores that say "i wanna be a marine biologist when i grow up" are the people that actually follow through and do it. screw them and their life of fulfilled dreams.

On a lighter note of animal cruelty, somebody has taken the time to create robot jockeys to ride camels. im tempted to get ten or fifteen thousand and arm them with a saber and a colt .45 to create the first ever robot cavalry division. I could surely rout the Prussians with such a force.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Shut up. I've been busy.

I do things. I'm a busy person.

Monday, December 06, 2004

this week = crap

so this week equals crap.
its really not very pleasant, but by friday I will be in better shape. I will have 3 major projects out of the way by then. I just finished my first, a marketing presentation. Glad its done. now I just have to finish a computer science project while writing 4 pages a night for the next four nights, or perhaps 8 pages over 2 nights. I had a very scary thought. my final paper needs to be 20 pages. I assumed all along that meant double spaced. I hope I am correct in that assumption. Ive got a lot more work ahead of me than i had planned for if that is the case. Probably wont update you until its all done, expect to hear more Saturday/Sundayish. Sorry, probably the most dull entry ever. I kind of just needed to think through all of what I have to do. so. I wish both of my readers a fine week. Talk to you then

Friday, December 03, 2004

Put me in the Zoo